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Bose SoundTouch 20 Wi-Fi Music System


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What makes the Bose Sound Touch 20 system so special? Just press one button, and you're immediately enjoying your favorite Internet radio station, music artist or playlist. Stuff that usually takes clicking or tapping and scrolling just to access. Now it's right at your fingertips-like having your favorites on speed dial. No computer, tablet or smartphone needed. Plus, you'll be treated to rich, full-range sound that brings your music to life. With Sound Touch, if you have an existing home Wi-Fi network, you're ready to enjoy Bose sound in any room you want-no extra equipment necessary. That means you can put your tablet away, or leave your phone in your pocket, and still stream the music you love. Clear, full-range sound not commonly found in a speaker this sizeWireless connection via your home Wi-Fi network for Internet radio, music services and your music libraryOne-touch access to your music with six personalized presetsFree Sound Touch app for your computer, smartphone or tabletEasily add additional systems at any time for a multi-room listening experience

Available in USA ∣ No available in Germany

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