Wave® Music System III with Multi-CD Changer - Titanium Silver

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Experience the Bose standard in CD and FM/AM radio performance from a table top music system as elegant as it is easy to use. With the multi-CD changer included in this package, you can also enjoy hours of uninterrupted music from your favorite CDs, including MP3 CDs you've burned yourself. Simply slide one CD or MP3 CD into the slot on the front of the Wave® music system, and up to three more into the multi-CD changer. One remote controls all CD functions, plus the FM/AM digital tuner, clock and alarm.

The changer has the same small footprint as the Bose Wave® music system III. Together they stand at only 6½" inches tall and can fit almost anywhere.

Lifelike sound from Bose® waveguide speaker technologyEnjoy uninterrupted listening from up to 4 CDs in successionIncludes single CD player, additional multi-CD player, improvedadvanced FM/AM tuner, headphone jack, 3.5 mm auxiliary input, remote, clockouch-top on/off/snooze controls; dual independent alarms; displayed song/artist radio infoNow with: Touch-top on/off/snooze controls; dual independent alarms; displayed song/artist radio info

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