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Tombow Werkzeugkoffen Ratschenkasten Dual Brush Marker Set mit Schreibtisch Ständer EUR 210,44


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Tombow Dual-Brush Pens have the benefit of a flexible, brush tip on one end, and a fine point on the other. The nylon brush end can create thin to thick lines based on the pressure of the stroke. The fine tip delivers smooth, consistent lines. Waterbased Ink is nontoxic, acid-free, odorless, non-bleeding, and blends easily. Ideal for drawing, stamping, lettering, and journaling. This set of 96 is the complete assortment of available colors. A handy stand is included that assembles easily to hold your pens within reach. Stifte sind ideal für feine Künstler und Kunsthandwerker zu vollenden jedes Projektinkl. zwei Spitzen (Nylon Faser Pinsel und feine Spitze) und sind auf WasserbasisHergestellt in den USA


EUR 210,44

Available in Germany

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