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Helinox Chair One


The Chair one combines comfort with an extremely low weight. With a small packsize and a weight of just 850 gr. this chair is the absolute must have for every cyclist, hiker, camper and outdoor enthusiast; in short for everybody. Made by DAC, the leading manufacturer of tent poles, Helinox products incorporate many of the advanced features and quality found in our DAC tent poles.


  • Minimum Weight: 0.8500 kg
  • Packed Size: 35cm x 10cm x 12cm
  • Packed Weight: 0.9400 kg
  • Max Load: 145 kg
  • Seat Dimension: 65cm x 52cm x 50cm
  • Sitting Height 34 cm from ground
  • Materials No
Minimum Weight: 0.8500 kgPacked Size: 35cm x 10cm x 12cmPacked Weight: 0.9400 kgMax Load: 145 kgSeat Dimension: 65cm x 52cm x 50cm


EUR 302,23

Available in Spain ∣ No available in Germany

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