Warn 885020 Camouflage AC-Powered Corded PullzAll Portable Lifting and Pulling Tool


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The warn camouflage pullzall is powered by a 120 volt ac power source, this compact tool has a pulling capacity of 1000 pounds (454 kilogram). The unit has an electronic load limiter with led indicator, and a variable speed trigger for power-in and power-out operation. The unit is also equipped with one battery, a versatile swivel anchor hook, 15 feet (4.6 meter) of durable wire rope, and an industrial-grade front hook Hand-held electric tool designed to lift or pull 1000 pounds Replaces come-a-longs and chain falls, helping the job get done faster without manual labor Forward, reverse and variable speed control for precise movements Powered by 120 volt AC current

Available in UK ∣ No available in Germany

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