Sylvania SDVD9805/sDVD9805-c 9-Inch Twin, Dual Screen DVD Player With Built-In USB/SD Card Reader 12.40in. x 11.70in. x 4.50in.


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Sylvania's latest in portable dvd technology is awesome. Introducing the newest model in a collection of the most popular dvd players. The newest twin/dual screen portable dvd player - model sdvd9805 does it all. With 2 x 9-inch widescreens, each with its own dvd player you can enjoy all your movies and media at home and on the road. Simply connect the 2 players to each other to play the same movie on both screens - or pop in separate dvds to watch separate movies. A neat feature is the usb/sd card reader which allows you to play all you downloaded digital media, movies, music and photos right on to the large 9-inch color screen. No more asking are we there yet. Bring these into the car or plane and make for an amazingly quiet trip! listen to your music/audio via the built in speakers or via earphones (2 sets are included) with the headphone jack. Included with the dvd players is a car mounting kit. It is quick and easy to strap the dvd players onto the back seat of your car. Also included is a remote control so you can pause, play etc from anywhere in the car. This is a must have device for any family and will provide years of enjoyment. 2 x 9-inch twin dual screen portable dvd player - play the same or separate movies on each individual screen; 16:09 aspect ratioUsb and sd card reader allows you to play all of our downloaded media on the 2 screensIncludes mounting straps making it easy to mount the screens on car seatbacksAccessories included in the box; remote control, mounting straps x 2, earbuds x 2, car cord, car adapter, ac/dc adapter. Compatible with almost all movie, music and photo formatsModel numbers can vary: sdvd9805 and sdvd9805c have identical specifications

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