ANNT 180w 32" LED Light Bar Spot Flood Combo Work Lights Off Road Light


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LED is a new type of energy-saving lighting, an LED WORK LIGHT widely used in car lights, truck lights, off-road lights, headlights and other automotive lighting machinery and industrial field, patrol, a rabbit and other special or mobile ambient lighting.

1. Wide operating voltage range
2. The appearance of fine craft and easy to install brackets.
3. Different sizes to choose from installed in different locations.
4. Different light pattern from flood beam and spot beam.
5. Long life: more than 30000 hours
6. Aluminum casing, shock-proof waterproof better.
7. Light perception: a softer light to prevent glare.

LED Power: 180W
Operating Voltage: 10-30V DC
Waterproof rate: IP 67
60PCS*3W high intensity LEDS
Base Color: Black
Color Temperature: 6000-6500k
Material: Diecast aluminum housing
Lens material: Toughed glass
Mounting Bracket: Aluminium firm bracket
Beam Type: Flood & Spot Beam Combo (12F/36S/12F)
Beam Angle: 60° / 30° (FLOOD 60°; SPOT 30° )
30000 hours above life time

Package includes:
1 x 180w led spot flood combo light
Bracket and fixing screw accessories set

Please read and keep these instructions available for future reference.
1. Work under the fix Voltage
2. Please operate in the right way when you install the LED WORK LIGHT in case to avoid the power harm and body harm
3. If any doubt about the installation or use of this products, consult a competent electrician or technician.
LED Power: 180W 14400LMVoltage: 10-30 DC, Waterproof rate: IP 67Approvals: CE/ROHS/WEEE/IPLight Color: White, Body Color: Black, 60pcs*3w high intensity LEDSLong life: more than ordinary advanced LED light bulbs, more than 30000 hours life

Available in USA ∣ No available in Spain

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