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The clearblue fertility monitor identifies the prime fertility days to help women who are trying to conceive maximize their chances of getting pregnant. A non-invasive and easy-to-use device, the clearblue fertility monitor consists of a handheld monitor that, along with the use of the clearblue fertility monitor test sticks, identifies changes in fertility hormones. While most over-the-counter ovulation tests monitor the lh hormone on its own, the clearblue fertility monitor tracks both lh and estrogen hormones to typically identify up to 6 fertile days2 days of peak fertility days and 15 days of high fertility. The Clearblue Fertility Monitor is the most advanced way of tracking fertility and the only non-invasive method that detects both LH and estrogen hormones.Gives you comprehensive, personal information about your cycle to help you map out your fertility calendar.Counts the days and tells you which days to test.Tells you when you're having Low, High, and Peak fertility days.No.1 Brand Recommended by OB/GYNs.Data on file. Research into recommendation of Ovulation Tests & Fertility Monitors with 204 US Ob-Gyns. (Kantar Health)

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