Available in Spain

Scale, w/ Height Rod, 18-1/4"x20-1/8"x58", Black/Silver, Sold as 1 Each EUR 625,46

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CE › Jarden Corporation

Scale with height rod features easy-to-read, rotating poise bars that offer duel reading in engraved pounds and kilograms. Engraved numerals on the poise bars can withstand frequent use, providing long-lasting readability. Imperial graduations are engraved by 1/4 lb. Scale capacity is 500 lb. or 200 kg. Easy-to-use, height rod measures from 23-5/8" to 84" (60cm to 213cm). Scale is factory calibrated. Platform measures 10-1/2" wide x 14" deep and has a black nonslip mat. Scale is made of powder-coated steel to prevent rust inside and out for extended life. Measurement Type: Pound, Kilogram, Pound, KilogramMaximum Weight Capacity (SI): 200 kgWeight Increment (Imperial): 4.00 ozWeight (Approximate): 30.00 lbMaterial: Steel Pivot


EUR 625,46

Available in Spain

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