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Cocoweb 22 Adjustable Energy Efficient LED Grand Piano Lamp with Bi-Rotational Shade - Black/Brass Accents $248.00


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Showcasing the classic lines and cut from the highest quality aluminum material, this Dallas lamp has a black matte powder-coated finish. The powder coating will ensure a lifetime of use, free from scratching and marring. Each Cocoweb light is rolled, polished, buffed, sprayed and inspected for maximum quality. The patent-pending magnetic design allows you to change the clamp from its original color of black to "wood." This gives the lamp the ability to blend into different surroundings and decor. Cocoweb LED Technology -Prevents eyestrain and fatigueEnergy Efficiency -80% more energy efficient than traditional piano lampsLonger Lasting -pre-installed LEDs last over 50,000 hoursMinimal Heat -Generates minimal heatConvenient -Directional swivel shade



Available in USA ∣ No available in Germany

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