BlissLights SPR-CR-STN Spright Light, Red $89.99


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The Bliss lights Spright Red with its softer, more subtle red starry-glow of light is perfect for indoor use to transform the mood of any room or simply to create a touch of bliss anywhere you need outdoors. Let your imagination make you into an instant lighting designer with our color options. Use only one color or combine the colors to create the effect you wish. 30' x 30' coverage or about the size of 2 two-car garagesReplaces 4 standard landscape lights or hundreds of feet of rope lightingUses an average of just 3 watts in temps above 55F (8 watts in temps below 55F)Nighttime operating temperature of -15F to 90F (Allow 15 minutes for built-in heater to start in colder temperaturesOur design is more efficient than LED technology and has a 7,000 hour lamp life, lasting an average of 475 years if used for 4 hours every night



Available in USA ∣ No available in Spain

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