daylight24 402071-39 High Output LED Adjustable Beam Floor Lamp $109.05


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This adjustable beam floor lamp by daylight24 offers brighter and whiter natural daylight so you can see colors as they truly are with improved contrast and clarity. Instead of incandescent yellow colored light, this type of lighting allows you the benefits of being outside on a beautiful day. The adjustable beam LED floor lamp has a unique pull shade that adjusts the beam of light from 3-Inch to 33-Inch at a distance of 12-Inch. As the light beam reduces in size, the light output intensity increases. Floor lamp has an adjustable gooseneck so you can position the light where you need it. Lamp is in a brushed steel finish with an on/off toggle switch. Uses one 5-Watt high output LED bulb that is housed by a anodized aluminum shade. Lamp stands 65-Inch tall. Patent pending. Light beam can widen to 33 inches and narrow to 3 inches with the push/pull of the shadeTight light beam with little spill so you won't disturb others around youAdjustable gooseneck to point light to where you need it mostNickel Finish with Gold Trim on Light Head

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