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NEW 2013 VERSION - Auto Shut Off - 4 Hour, Push Button On and Off, Quieter. This is the most amazing laser hologram projector of its kind on the market. Anyone that sees this projector is blown away and immediately wants one of their own. Get yours today.In stock, tested, and ready to go. The Laser Stars Projector is created from powerful Green laser and holographic technology, a display this bright and clear has never been available before. Laser Stars is fully adjustable, requires no set up and will fill any room from the tiniest bedroom, to the largest warehouse, with a crystal clear animated star display."Truly one of the most amazing light shows you will see ANYWHERE" Adrian - LA SAME QUALITY LASER SHOW AS PROJECTORS IN THE 600 PRICE RANGE NO LIGHTS TO BURN OUT. LASER POWERED Look for the Romantic Shooting Stars Across the Night Sky2 Built-In Precision Glass Lenses Transforms the Largest or Smallest Rooms into Your Own Personal Animated Universe Creates Thousands of Stars with or without Cloud FormationsNOT A TOY, This is an Experience You Will Never ForgetUses All New Green Laser and Holographic Technology. Simple to Use, Just Plug It InPlease note: Item should be turned off after 2 hours of use. For For more information, please refer the user manual provided under 'Technical Specification



Available in USA ∣ No available in Spain

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