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Warehouse by Tiffany's 1509-BB75B Dragonfly Tiffany-Style 72-Inch Torchiere Lamp by Warehouse of Tiffany's EUR 592,20

Warehouse of Tiffany's 

Mejora del hogar › Warehouse of Tiffany

Torchiere Lamp with brilliant hues Concealing Artful Dragonflies; Shade Made from 200 Pieces of hand-cut Stained Glass; Scalloped Top Edge; SCULPTED Zinc base and carousel-style Pole; Coordinates with Dragonfly Colección; Step Switch for simple operation; Utiliza a 60-watt Incandescent Bulb (not included); mide aproximadamente 15 inches in diameter by 72 inches High Warehouse by tiffany' S 1509-bb75b Dragonfly tiffany-style 72-inch Torchiere LampPurple


EUR 592,20

Available in Spain

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