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Save money and energy with the floating, solar-powered Savior 20,000 NCSF20K pool pump and filter system from Natural Current, which runs silently from just the power of the sun. You'll be able to turn off your inefficient, noisy and expensive-to-operate pool equipment and both reduce pollution and save money. The Savior eliminates over 15,000-pound of pollution per year and it can pay for itself in as few months. Installation is as easy as taking the solar-powered pump out of the delivery box and placing it on the surface of your in-ground or above ground swimming pool, Jacuzzi, hot tub. You won't need to worry about buying and installing batteries or connecting it to your existing water pump equipment. No plumbing, no electrical hook-ups and no energy consumption. The Savior 20,000 pumps up to 20,000-gallons a day through one reusable 20-micron filter cartridges. You will only need to occasionally clean out the filter and then place the solar pump and filter back in the water. Its whisper technology makes it dramatically quieter than your current noisy pool pump equipment and it requires less maintenance than your existing pool filter. Easily portable, the pump works in both sunny and cloudy weather you don't need to live in an all-sun-all-the-time climate to reap the benefits of this solar-powered tool. (During periods of inclement weather or for larger pools, your existing pool pump can always be ran for a few hours a day as a supplement to maintain filtered water. )The Savior 20,000 is powered by a 120-watt, 12-volt polycrystalline silicon solar panel made of tempered glass. The unit measures 34 x 65 x 12-inch (W x L x H) and weighs 81-pound. The pool pump's solar panel has a life expectancy of 10 to 30 years and you can expect to spend approximately $100 every 2 to 3 years on normal unit maintenance (including replacing the pump/motor and filter). It's backed by a 1-year limited warranty. Made in the USA. Awarded 2012 Best Product and Best Green Product in the Pool Industry - Save Money Now - Filter Your Water for FREESavior gives you an opportunity to turn off your inefficient, noisy, and expensive to operate pool equipmentSavior is needed because of the overwhelming expense you're spending on pumping and filtering your swimming pool waterInvented and manufactured by Michael Evingham (HMDG) from Natural Current LLC in Dana Point, CA USA - Patent PendingMade in the USA Backed by 1-year limited warranty - Emergency solar power source for your home and family

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