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Waterfi 100% impermeabilizado Kit Swim iPod con cable corto Auriculares impermeables Incluido - No Caso Necesario (Purple)


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Designed to go as deep as 210 feet underwaterWhile this Mp3 Player looks identical to a factory bought Apple iPod Shuffle, it's performance does not. The interior of the?device has been completely insulated to form a barrier around all of the sensitive electronic components, allowing you to do away with bulky and unreliable cases so you can sweat more, swim longer, and go wherever your active life takes youEasy ControlsWhether you're swimming, running, surfing, or enjoying any other activity in or out of the water, the?waterproof iPod Shuffle is easy to control. With a single click you can quickly play and pause the current track, change songs, and adjust volume without interrupting your activity. The Waterfi Waterproofed iPod Shuffle is so light and compact it will never get in the way of your workout or swim. Easily clip?it?to your goggle strap, wetsuit, shirt, hat, or sunglasses and you're ready to rock whenever and wherever.Most Versatile Mp3 Player Arround
Now used by over?100,000 happy swimmers, the Waterfi Waterproofed iPod Shuffle has remained the most versatile and reliable?waterproof mp3 player.?Backed by Waterfi's?industry-leading 2 year warranty,?the waterproof iPod?Shuffle?has 15 hours of battery life and 2GB of memory to hold up to 500 songs, podcasts & audiobooks.Waterfi Waterproof Short Cord HeadphonesThe?included?Waterfi Waterproof Short Cord Headphones are ready to use as deep as 10 feet underwater and meet IP8 waterproofing standards. At 11 inches, the cord is the perfect length to reach your waterproof iPod Shuffle with no tangles and no set up time. 4 different pairs of silicone earbuds are included, so you can find the perfect fit for your ears and be equipped for any activity?or adventure. Impermeable iPod - Apple iPod Shuffle se mejora para ser resistente al agua profunda como a 210 pies bajo el agua 2 GB y batería de 15 horas de duración de la batería es perfecta para cualquier sesiónswimactive auriculares el Premiere almohadillas de silicona de natación auriculares con cable corto, diseño elegante, la tecnología de alambre de memoria y especialmente diseñado para manejar flipturns y caídasImpermeabilización platinumx nuestra firma única proceso que establece el waterfi iPod y nadar kit aparte de el resto. completamente impermeable protege contra el agua y la corrosión y tiene una duración de años y añosMúsica Underwater potente combinación de iPod y auriculares impermeables swimactive resistente al agua tiene sus melodías sonido y mejor que nunca, que potencia que a través del agua2 años de garantía en el iPod es absolutamente cubierto por nuestra garantía de líder. para que puedas disfrutar plenamente, natación, surf, Kiteboard, tren, correr, y Paddle sin reserva

Available in Spain

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