Yamaha Piano-focused 76-key Yamaha Portable Grand


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The YPG-235 carries Yamaha's Portable Grand legacy with it's expanded features, upgraded action, and easy-to-move form. You get 76 piano-style keys with Graded Soft Touch action, a wide selection of Yamaha voices to play, and a 6-track song recorder. Dedicated portable grand button lets you instantly jump back to the grand piano voice during play. Add additional songs and play along using the built-in USB/MIDI port.

This bundle also includes the The Yamaha SK88B Survival Kit, which contains everything you need to make using your Yamaha portable keyboard just that much more enjoyable. Every box contains a foot switch, headphones, and a DVD with tons of learn to play software, digital owner's manuals and information on other Yamaha products. Plus, over $200 of rebate coupons on great Yamaha instruments and accessories right in the box!

The Yamaha SK88B Survival Kit works with YPG535/635 and DG

Available in UK ∣ No available in Spain

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