Available in Spain

Rat Chinchilla Ferret Home 31x20x40"

Prevue Pet Products 



PREVUE PET PRODUCTS - Rat Chinchilla Ferret Home Floor Cage

31" L x 20.5" D x40"H Interior Height is 28.75" H

Wire Spacing 3/8"

  • -Beautiful Dusty Rose Powder Coated Finish
  • -3 Levels for the Ultimate in Climbing and Playing Fun!
  • -Unique Easy Opening Large Front Door & Roof Top Door for Easy Access to the Pets
  • -Includes 2 Metal Solid Surface Shelves & Ramps
  • -Removable Bottom Grill
  • -Pull Out Drawer for Easy Cleaning and includes a Wind-Bell Lock to keep the Grill in place
  • -Easy Rolling Castors for Smooth Moving in and around the House
  • -Bottom Shelf included for storing extra Food, Treats & Cleaning Supplies
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Available in Spain

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