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Produit par Jeff Tweedy de Wilco de Chicago (il a également écrit trois chansons). Versions de chansons de Pops Staples, Randy Newman, John Fogerty et Little Milton. Et son groupe a toujours le line-up super! Excellente. - Digipak. Mavis Staples - voc, RICK HOLMSTROM - RTM, JEFF TURMES - contrebasse / RTM, STEPHEN HODGES - tambours, Donny GERRARD - voc.

Medium 1
Don't Knock
You Are Not Alone
Downward Road
In Christ There Is No East Or West
Creep Along Moses
Losing You
I Belong To The Band
Last Train
Only The Lord Knows
Wrote A Song For Everyone
We're Gonna Make It
Wonderful Savior
Too Close/On My Way To Heaven

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Available in France

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