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Staples silver wireless mouse with advanced wireless connectivity provides better data transmission and reliability
Staples wireless mouse with advanced 2.4 GHz wireless connectivity offers better data transmission and reliability up to 23 feet. Available in silver color, it features a contoured design with a soft finish and rubberized sides to provide a soft and comfortable grip. This wireless mouse includes a vertical scrolling wheel and battery status indicator, as well as a Nano USB receiver that can remain in your computer or store in the mouse when you are on the go. The Staples wireless mouse is compatible with both Windows and Mac and comes with a limited 1 year warranty.

Navigate your screen with ease with this Staples wireless mouse. A sleek design, comfortable grip and wide-reaching wireless connectivity make it the ideal mouse for the home, office or classroom. Its battery level indicator warns you when power is running low, and its on/off switch allows you to preserve energy when not in use. For greater flexibility in use, this contoured wireless mouse let you work comfortably without the hassle of cords or cables.Comfortable to UseThe contoured design of this Staples wireless mouse makes it the go-to mouse for all-day use, while its soft finish and rubberized sides provide you with optimal comfort. The vertical scrolling wheel located in the center seamlessly transitions from maneuvering and clicking to scrolling to save you time and energy.Long-Range Working DistanceThis silver wireless mouse operates at distances of up to 23 feet, so it can be used anywhere from desktop to across the room. Its nano USB receiver enables the mouse to be used wire-free and can be left in the computer when not in use or stored inside the mouse for protection and on-the-go convenience.
Specifications Staples? wireless mouseAdvanced 2.4 GHz wireless connectivityVertical scrolling wheel, a battery status indicator and includes a Nano USB receiverContoured design, soft finish and rubberized sides for a soft and comfortable gripCompatible with both Windows? and Mac?



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