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LEGO Mindstorms EV3 31313(US Version imported by uShopMall U.S.A.) EUR 346,20


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Intelligent EV3 Brick with powerful ARM9 processor, Wi-Fi USB port and Internet connectivity, Micro SD card reader, back-lit buttons and 4 motor ports3 interactive servo motors, remote control, imp. and redesigned color sensor, redesigned touch sensor, infrared sensor, 550+ LEGO Technic elementsControl your robot via the infrared sensor system; intuitive software (PC and Mac) with icon-based drag-and-drop programming interfaceBuilding instructions for 1 robot included.Download 4 more building instructions plus bonus building instructions developed by real fans and endrosed by LEGO at and command your robot with the enclosed remote control or download the free app for your smart device


EUR 346,20

Available in Spain

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