Snap Circuits Extreme Student Electronics Training Program (Multi-Color) by Snap Circuits

Snap Circuits 

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Build Over 750 Experiments With 80+ Snap Modules;Snap Modules Included: Photoresistor, Power Amplifier, Variable Capacitor, Analog Meter, Solar Cell, Computer Interface, Full Color Manuals;Includes Snap case 7 Heavy Duty Plastic Case With Custom Foam Inserts For Housing Your Snap Circuits Modules;Experiments included: sound activated switch, lie detector, adjustable light controller, am radio, rechargeable battery and many more. Use your Windows PC and the included CI-73 and convert your computer monitor into an oscilloscope.;Includes Snapcase 7 heavy duty plastic case with custom foam inserts for housing your Snap Circuits Modules Snap Circuits Extreme Student Electronics Training Program (Multi-Color)

Available in Germany

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