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Growth Science Nutrients Base B (0-6-4.5) liquid nutrient feed and fertilizer plant food solution. Combine with Base A for a base plant food solution. For Soil, Coco, and hydroponic mediums $12.50

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Growth Science nutrients are designed and manufactured in California by farmers who want easy to use yet highly tunable nutrient fertilizers that provide everything plants need for phenomenal growth. Growth Science incorporates all of the key plant additives and essential macro/micro nutrients combined into five products eliminating the need to purchase 10+ additives (like some other lines require). Growth Science Base A and Base B provide macro and micronutrients needed in all stages of growth. Base A provides nitrogen and micronutrients, while Base B provides the necessary phosphorous and potassium. Complete Feeding Solution: While Base A and Base B form the foundation of the Growth Science nutrient regiment, Growth Science is a 5 part fertilization system. Base A provides nitrogen and essential micronutrients while Base B provides phosphorous and potassium.Combine with Solid Start in the vegetative stage or Rock Solid in the flowering stage in order to deliver the optimal NPK needed to drive healthy plant or flower growth. Add Strength to fortify plants to adverse conditions.Formulated for the beginning gardener who wants the maximum yield with a low learning curve yet flexible and easily tuned for the advanced gardener.Designed and manufactured in California to produce top quality healthy high yielding flowering plantsMost manufactures separate ingredients into as many bottles as possible and charge a premium for branding, but the vast majority of growers are wising up to this and are looking for a high quality yet affordable solution. Growth Science is designed to be a simple to use nutrient regiment that contains everything needed to help achieve maximum yields of high quality finished product. Growth Science is optimized for soil, coco, and all hydroponic mediums.

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