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2x Masione 18V 3.0Ah Ni-MH Replacement Battery for Makita 1822 1823 1834 1835 192827-3 192829-9 193159-1 193140-2 193102-0 192826-5 $65.99


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About Masione:
Masione has always devoted itself to providing products with excellent quality for the end-users.

Product Details :
Battery Capacity: 3000mAh
Battery Voltage: 18 V
Battery Type: Ni-MH
Condition: Brand New

Compatible With:
Makita 18 Volt Cordless Drill Driver Power Tool 4334D, 4334DWA, 4334DWAE, 4334DWD, 4334DWDE, 5026DA, 5026DB, 5026DWA, 5026DWB, 5026DWD, 5026DWFE, 5036DA, 5036DB, 5036DWA, 5036DWB, 5036DWD, 5036DWFE, 5046DA, 5046DB, 5046DWA, 5046DWB, 5046DWD, 5046DWDE, 5046DWFE, 5620DWD, 5621DWA, 5621DWD, 5621RDWA, 6343D, 6343DBE, 6343DWA, 6343DWB, 6343DWDE, 6343DWFE, 6347D, 6347DWAE, 6347DWDE, 6347DWFE, 6349DWDE, 6349DWFE, 6390DWAE, 6391D, 6391DWPE, 6936FD, 6936FDWDE, 8390DWAE, 8391DWPE, 8443D, 8443DWAE, 8443DWDE, 8443DWFE, 8444DWDE, 8444DWFE, BMR100, JR180D, JR180DWA, JR180DWAE, JR180DWB. JR180DWBE, JR180DWD, JR180DWDE, LS711D, LS711DWA, LS711DWBEK, LS711DZ, LS800D, LS800DWA, LS800DWAE, LS800DWB, LS800DWBE, LS800DWD, LS800DZ, LS800WB, ML183 (Flashlight), SC190DWDE, UB181D, UB181DZ

Replacement Part Number:
Makita 1822, 192826-5, 192827-3, PA18

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Package includes:
2 x MasioneBattery

Brand New | Ni-MH | 18 Volts | 3000 mAh | Gray&BlackBatteries are made with the highest quality materials100% Compatible with Makita 1822Integrated microchip prevents overcharging & lengthens battery life30 Days Money Back and 1 Year Warranty



Available in USA

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