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The Diwali Gift (Award winning picture book on Indian Culture, Celebrate Diwali Festival, Non-Religious, Great for Indian American, Biracial Families, multicultural children 0-8 years.) $10.34

Shweta Chopra

Book › 3 Curious Monkeys


**FREE Diwali Book Lesson Plan - following Common Core guidelines.**

**Comes with coloring activities for Pre -K, K, and, 1st Grades.**

Non-Religious: This book celebrates the spirit of Diwali by focusing on the FUN elements while being sensitive to religious beliefs.Engaging story: This page-turning tale engages and excites the curious minds of young readers.Free Lesson Plan: Developed by educators from Stanford University, the lesson plan offers parents and teachers a step by step guide on how to talk about Diwali in multicultural classrooms. Available at www ( dot)3curiousmonkeys(dot)com.Adorable Characters: The beautifully illustrated monkeys, Suno Dekho and Jaano, are not only cute and fun but are relatable to young kids.Relevant: The storyline is set in today time so that kids can relate to the characters better.Multicultural/ Biracial: Great way for Biracial and Multicultural families to learn about Indian culture and Diwali.The Parent's Touch: Being Moms themselves, the authors wrote the book with the focus on keeping little readers engaged while having fun.

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