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TerraMaster D5-300C USB3.0(5Gbps) Type C 5-Bay RAID Enclosure Support RAID 0/1/Single Exclusive 2+3 RAID Mode Hard Drive RAID Storage (Diskless) $229.99


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TerraMaster has focused on the development of storage technology for 16 years and accumulated a great deal of practical experience in product technology research and development, quality control and international marketing, service upgrade. With the core competitiveness of excellent hardware design and strong software developing ability, TerraMaster aims at providing the customers with more excellent, reliable and most valuable products.

D5-300C is great for the applications such as video editing, photo backup, storage of R&D technical documents, archival backup, music libraries, financial records, storage of video surveillance recordings and corporate data storage.

D5-300C has passed multiple certifications, including FCC, CE, UL, GS, and RoHS.

Bay number: 5-bay
Hard drive supported: 2.5¡±/3.5¡± SATA hard drives and SSD.
Hard drive format: FAT32/16, NTFS, HFS+
RAID mode: RAID0, RAID1, SINGLE DISK for HDD 1 & 2, SINGLE for HDD 3, HDD4, HDD5.
Data interface: USB type-C
OS supported: Windows OS, Mac OS
Dimension: 227(H) x 225(W) x 136(D) mm
Product we 5-bay RAID storage, compatible with 2.5¡±/3.5¡± SATA hard drive or SSD, supports 10TB hard drive, total capacity up to 50TB. (Note: users need to purchase their own hard drives. These are not included.)Unique 2+3 RAID: hard drive #1 & #2 can be configured as RAID 0, RAID 1 or Single disk. The remaining drives #3-5 work as single, independent drives.Adopts real SUPERSPEED USB3.0(5Gbps) Type-C interface, the read/write speed is up to 410MB/s.Compatible with Mac, Windows and Linux computers.D5-300C adopts aluminum enclosure and low-noise fan, which is firm and reliable, of good heat dissipation, and low noise.



Available in USA

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