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Stainless Steel Fondant Cookie Cutters - 9 Piece set with Number Patterns 0-9 for Baking, Dessert Design, Cake Decoration and More $4.75


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It's time to take your culinary adventures to a whole new creative level with these Stainless Steel Fondant Cookie Cutters with Number Patterns 0-9! 9 different numbered style cookie cutters made of stainless steel with beautiful and stylish shine ensure your culinary delights will enthrall and amaze your friends, loved ones and colleagues. DIMENSIONS:Cutter Height: 0.75 inch MULTI-SIZE: 9 different cookie cutters made of stainless steel with quirky and stylish 0 to 8 number pieces.NUMEROUS: Take your pick from 0 through to 9 for unique birthday cooking experiences, wedding anniversaries or baby showers! Simply flip your 6 to become a 9.EASY STORAGE: Includes a a carrying case that will make clean up easy and leave your kitchen clutter freeCREATIVE DESIGN: Unique number patterns allow your culinary creativity to come alive and design whatever innovative desserts you may think of!DIMENSIONS:Cutter Height: 0.75 inch;the container 3.8 inches in diameter and 1 inch tall

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