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Heavy 16 Foliar Spray 4 Liter NPK 1-0-2 FS4L $94.77

Heavy 16 

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In our quest to provide the highest grade products with superior efficacy to our growers, Heavy 16's Professional Foliar Nutrient (PFN) is hands down The Illustration of that mission, with full spectrum plant nutrition and protection being the core of that statement. This revolutionary blend is "so far beyond" in its effects on plant metabolic rates and tissue integrity that our growers have eliminated a long list of reoccurring issues that other nutrient programs just cannot address. That is because in the engineering of this product we took the view of = evolutionary biologists believing that all terrestrial plants came from an original aquatic environment. This approach has allowed for a deeper understanding of plant energy transfers and biochemical needs. Brand: Heavy 16UPC: 736211384935N-P-K Ratio: 1-0-2Volume: 4 L

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