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Fancy Black Reflective Mailbox or House Number - 2 - Size 3" - (select size (2",3",4",5" or 6") and digit (0-9) in dropdown menus) - Thick, Die-cut PVC $4.50


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Our patented Safety Reflective Address Numbers are unique, and perfect for making your address legible for fire and emergency crews, as well as delivery drivers. The products do not "glow", they just reflect light directed at them, like stop signs and other traffic signs. Click on our Storefront above to see other colors and typestyle. The "Color" dropdown above is a system-wide description, but is used to select your digits on our store pages. Shipping cost is per order, not per digit. Stick to brick, stucco, wood and moreHeavy Duty Adhesive, No nails or screws to rust1/16" or 1/8" White (most reflective), Gold or Black (least reflective) Reflective MaterialSlightly Flexible, Thick, Reflective PVC (not rigid plastic)Don't Crack In Extreme Weather Like Rigid Plastic Can



Available in USA

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