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Headline Sign 107 Stencil Set, 8-Inch Numbers 0-9 $19.41

Headline Sign 

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These reusable stencils from Headline Sign are great for use on projects, presentations, signs, windows, or vehicles. This item includes numbers 0-9, and dollar and cents symbols. Numbers can be stenciled using pencils, marking pens, tempera, poster paint, or spray paint. Each number is on a separate card, making it easy to create your own custom combinations. Make a great first impression with stencils from Headline Sign! Reusable stencil setIncludes numbers 0-9, plus 2 symbolsUse for professional looking projects, presentations, and signsGreat for windows and vehicles, too8 inches highReusable stencil set ^Includes numbers 0-9, plus 2 symbols ^Use for professional looking projects, presentations, and signs ^Great for windows and vehicles, too ^8 inches high



Available in USA

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