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VINCA SSRA-06 Stainless Steel Office Drawing Ruler 0-6 Inch 0-15cm with Conversion Table Measuring Tool $4.99


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VINCA SSRA-06 Stainless Steel Ruler is highly recomended for home DIY using as well as professional using. The material type is 0Cr13 hardened stainless steel and durable enough for long lasting use. Its measuring Range is 0-6 inch/15cm and etched finished with 1/16 graduation. VINCA SSRA-06 designed as metric and imperial 2-way measurement, and it comes with a conversion table at backside. VINCA SSRA-06 HAS 1 YEAR WARRANTY. For more information please follow us on Instagram @officialclockwisetoolsinc. Measuring Range: 0-6"/15cm0Cr13 hardened stainless steel for long lasting useMetric and Imperial measurement; Back side has conversion tableEtched finished with 1/16 graduationIdeal for marking, measuring, picture frame matting

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Available in USA

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