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NVX True Spec 1/0 Gauge 100% OFC Wire Big 3 Amp Wiring Update Kit for Car Audio Systems up to 350 Amps [XBG3PK] $69.99


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The Big 3 Upgrade If you're a car audio enthusiast, eventually your sound system will reach the point where it is too powerful for your vehicle's existing electrical system. The first step in upgrading your power system should be a Big 3 Upgrade, and there is no better Big 3 kit than the NVX XBG3PK. Our Big 3 Upgrade kit is specifically designed to help your old electrical system cope with the demands of your fantastic sound system and help with those annoying dimming headlights when your sound really kicks. Our kits are engineered from the highest quality materials to ensure long lasting durability. Included with the kit are the battery ground to chassis wire, the chassis to engine block wire and the alternator positive to battery positive wire as well as the clamps, screws and copper ring terminals necessary with this installation. The highly conducive 100% Oxygen Free Copper wire provides optimal performance in even the harshest environments. It allows your electrical system to run at its maximum efficiency while also allowing your amps to run cooler and subs to hit harder. WHAT'S IN THE BOX: • 2 x 4 ft. 1/0 Gauge Frosted Transparent Metallic Black Ground Wire with Copper Ring Terminals and NVX Logo Heat Shrink • 6 ft. 1/0 Gauge Frosted Transparent Metallic Blue Power Cable with Ring Terminals and NVX Logo Heat Shrink • 10 x Black Nylon Cable Clamps • 10 x 1/2" #8 Wafer Head Tek Screws • 10 x 8" Black Zip Ties • 3 x Additional Copper Ring Terminals with NVX Logo Heat Shrink Upgrade for your factory battery ground wire, alternator ground wire and alternator power wire1/0 Gauge Big 3 kit designed for systems 350 amps or lessHigh performing wire with silver tinned copper that gives improved sound quality and runs with maximum efficiencyEnvyFlex Insulation wire prevents electrocution, corrosion and damage to components within your carFlexible, shielded wire that can tolerate heat, vibration and other rough conditions



Available in USA

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