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4 Pack - 1/0 Guage - 5/16" Ring - Tinned Copper Marine Battery Welding Lug Terminal Connectors - Dual Wall Adhesive Heat Shrink Included $10.49

Simple Electric Solutions 

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Simple Electric Solutions Tinned Copper Battery Lug kits are designed with the Marine and Auto environment in mind. Contains Four Heavy Duty Marine Battery Lugs (1/0 Guage (AWG) 5/16" Ring) and Four Pieces of 3/4" Dual-Wall Adhesive Heat ShrinkIncluded Dual Wall Adhesive Lined Heat Shrink Provides Impermeable Seal to Salt Water and Other LiquidsClosed End Design Keeps Out Moisture, Protecting Wire Connections from Corrosion and the Marine EnvironmentLugs are Made Out of a High-Grade Copper with a Tinned Surface to Protect Against CorrosionLugs Can Be Soldered or Crimped and Fit Solid or Stranded Wire



Available in USA

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