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Golden Color Numbers 0-9 Balloons For Wedding Activities Birthday Party Decor $1.38


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[Name] 16-inch aluminum balloons trumpet figures 0-9 gold
[Use] the party best decorative items, along with other festive balloons better use
[Size] 16 inches (1 inch = 2.54CM), not inflated height of about 40 cm around
[Features] 1. Made of imported aluminum foil, shiny metal sphere, uniform color, ball pretty.
2. You can re-use, easy to charge and discharge gas, do not use the time to throw away Oh!
3. Automatic sealing, after inflating the ball mouth pinch flat, the ball comes mouth automatically sealing glue
[Note] aluminum ball is no scalability, so the charge of the ball, do not charge too much, due to gas expansion and contraction, or when the summer temperatures rise, oh give foil balloon deflated, so as not to burst; winter or when the temperature decreases, should be given to foil balloon qi. Do not use electric air pump inflatable Oh, you can use the manual pump charge.
[Tips] If you do not accidentally break during use, you can use a transparent glue immediately and added gas, you can rest assured that use
[Note] children under 8 years must be used under adult supervision, children under 8 years of age may be an uninflated balloon debris choking, broken balloons immediately after discarded. Try using the inflatable tube inflatable balloon inflated eyes do not close after. [Name] 16-inch aluminum balloons trumpet figures 0-12 gold[Use] the party best decorative items, along with other festive balloons better use



Available in USA

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