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Multicolor happy birthday candles, 0-9 molded number candles for party time special day funny candles make a wish candles for adults and Kids-Willcan brand (Multicolor with glitter) $7.40


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Insert candle's plastic stem into the top of a cake or cupcake; Add fun to the festivities with delightful decorative cake candles. Insert into the top of a cake, cupcake or dessert; light wick for singing Happy Birthday and blow out to make a birthday wish. Whether you're planning an intimate dinner, a family gathering, or a huge party, you can trust willcan for high quality, consistent color matching and attention to detail. Willcan, with the most seasoned staff of design experts in the party industry. 0-9 total 10 number candles are including in the one set packaging;Each brightly colored candle pick is 3 inches high (including platic stem), candle body itself with 1.75inch heightPlastic stem allows you to place the candle anywhere.Bring fun and brightly experience to your special day, party and birthday, celebration days.This candles with giltter powder only on the front surface, add more funny and decorating on the cake or topper when it light on. The giltter powder is not bad for your heathy, don't care giltter powder drop down on your cake;



Available in USA

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