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LeapFrog LeapStart Kindergarten Activity Book: Cook It Up! Math and Logic & Reasoning $12.99


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This interactive, activity book talks, sings and comes to life with 30+ amazing, super-fun replayable activities covering essential kindergarten Math and Health and Wellness skills. Get math skills cooking! Join 3 original veggie and fruit characters, Carrot, Tomato and Broccoli, as they explore math, logic and reasoning skills. Teaches 16 kindergarten math, logic and reasoning skills including solving subtraction equations, writing numbers 0-9, interpreting graphs and more.Get cooking with counting, addition and subtraction. Be a short order cook and use a number line to add up hamburgers, ice cream scoops and more. Count and subtract different toppings to create the perfect pizza for customers.Analyze a bar graph to see which menu items customers enjoyed at a restaurant. Read a recipe to make a yummy egg dish. You can even make this recipe at home-along with 4 others. Use the 100s chart to count by 2s, 5s and 10s and notice the patterns that make counting by groups easier.Cook It Up! Math is for Level 3: Kindergarten. Perfect for ages 4-6. Works With: LeapStart Preschool & Pre-Kindergarten, LeapStart Kindergarten & 1st Grade (Sold separately.)Includes 30+ replayable activities and 25+ reward stickers. Skills learned include addition, logic & reasoning, measurement, and subtraction.



Available in USA

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