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Vesafe Universal Solar TPMS M2, Wireless Color Screen Tire Pressure Monitoring System with 4 DIY External Cap Sesnors(0-6Bar/0-87Psi), Real-time Display 4 Tires' Pressure and Temperautre. $72.99


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Something You Need to Know?
70% of high-speed traffic accidents were caused by abnormal tire pressure. With a Vesafe TPMS, drivers are warned of abnormal tire conditions before it becomes dangerous
VESAFE Tyre Pressure Monitoring System will make sure your tire pressure is at its proper level.

Monitor Specification
Working temperature: -20℃~ 80℃
Storage temperature: -30℃ ~ 85℃
Input Voltage: DC 12 ~ 24V
Size: 47*29*55mm

Sensor Specification
Working temperature: -20℃ ~ 80℃
Storage temperature: -20℃ ~ 85℃
Pressure range: 0~6 bar (0~87 psi)
Pressure Accuracy: ±1.5Psi
Temperature Accuracy: ±3 ℃
Battery life: ≥2 Years
Weight: 9grams

Tips for Sensors Installation
1. Be gentle to the valve stem when screwing the sensors. It's best to pinch the valve stem with one hand and then screw sensors with the other hand.
2. Turn on the monitor first before installing the sensors so that the monitor can receive the sensor data on time. 3. Ensure no air leakage over after installed and may use soapy water for testing if necessary.

Better To Know
1. Vesafe® TPMS is the universal TPMS for 4-wheel car, not suitable for motorhome, caravan or trailers due to the transmission range.

Package List
1* VESAFE Tire Pressure Monitor
4* VESAFE Tire Pressure Sensor
1* Opener Tool
1* Hex Wrench
4* Hex Nut
4* Rubber O-Ring
1* Charger
1* Anti-slip Met
1* User Manual
1. Vesafe® TPMS Cigarette Lighter Plug, Provides 4 tires' Real-time Pressure or Temperature Simultaneously, and provide visual warning light and audible alarm sound immediately when tire's pressure or temperature thresholds are exceeded2. The pressure and temperature alert values can be adjustable (default 29-44PSI/2.0-3.0Bar), with pressure unit: PSI/Bar and temperature unit: C/F selectable.3. Tire pressure sensors are designed with anti-theft, waterproof, and easy installation, includes special tools for installation and replace the sensor battery (CR1632). Tire pressure sensor is only 9 grams and the battery life can last up to 2 years, the battery (CR1632) can be replaced when the battery exhausted.4. Universal TPMS for 4-wheel car, not suitable for motorhome, caravan or trailers. 4 sensors have been coded to the display, just install the sensors as per the position labels on the sensor (RR, RF, LF, LR), a replacement sensor can be easily coded; just simply mount the sensor onto the valve when the display is in coding mode.5. Vesafe® TPMS provides 18 months warranty, please contact us freely if you have any questions during your installation or using. Your safety is our business, we look forward to providing you peace of mind during your driving.



Available in USA

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