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Corrosion Resistant 1-4/0 Ga. No-Crimp Three-Way Negative Battery Terminals (1 per pack) $11.22

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Corrosion resistant die cast zinc alloy 1-4/0 gauge no-crimp three-way negative battery terminals. These corrosion resistant battery terminals last 3.6X longer in harsh environments than regular lead battery terminals. They are also lead free and RoHS compliant. No crimping tool is needed to attach your cable to these battery terminals - simply tighten the bolts. These versatile battery terminals also feature the ability to accept 1 to 4/0 gauge wire sizes. Insert your cable from any one of three directions for added flexibility of installation. Ships same business day.For harsh environments.Last 3.6X longer in harsh environments than regular lead battery terminals.Lead free and RoHS compliant.No crimping tool is needed - simply tighten the bolts.



Available in USA

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