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Chic 32" Number Rose Gold Foil Balloon 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 for Celebration Party Decoration Birthday Wedding Anniversary (32" Number 4) $5.99

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Each pack contains one 32-inch tall foil balloon in number shape. The balloons will come flat and inflating will be needed. Buy 1 number or mix an match any numbers to create your own combination! They can be filled with helium or just any air! They can be glued, taped or hung however you like them to be placed. Instructions: To inflate the balloons, simply insert a straw into the plastic valve at the bottom of the balloon and slowly blow into it. When the balloon is sufficiently inflated, pull out the straw and pinch the self sealing plastic valve. The balloons will stay inflated for days. WARNING: Due to the balloon is NOT made of normal latex material. The overpowering air pressure from the machine might damage or burst the balloon. Be careful. Number 0- 9 BalloonBirthday PartyCelebrationAnniversaryKid's Birthday



Available in USA

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