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0-5V(10V) 4-20ma Load Cell Sensor Amplifier Transmitter Strain Gauge Transducer $34.99


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0~5V(10V) & 4~20mA can output at the same time;0~5V&0~10V is adjustable by switch(view the pictures).
The built-in precision amplifier circuit, high precision, low temperature drift, long-term stability;
Current and voltage output offer at the same time, choose through the terminal blocks;
A wide range of power-supply modes
Input overvoltage and overcurrent protection, output short circuit protection;
Load capacity is strong, use with junction box, it can connect with more than one sensor;
Apply to weighing, pull pressure, torque, etc. Various kinds of strain bridge type sensor
The shell and cable connector waterproof design, tightness is good, applicable to various kinds of severe environment;
Load capacity: 87Ω(can connect with 4pcs of 350Ω load cell sensor in parallel)

Input signal: Full bridge strain gauge/Load cell
Bridge resistor: <2KΩ
Sensitivity: 1.5~2.1mV/V
Excitation voltage: 5V DC
Excitation current :<100mA@12V supply; <50mA@24V supply
Power supply: 12~26V DC vs. 0~5V output & 4~20mA output; 18~26V DC vs. 0~10V & 4~20mA output
Linear: 0.3%
Temperature coefficient: 50ppm@10~30oC, 100ppm full work temperature range
Operating temperature: 0~50 oC
Dimension: 115mm×80mm×35mm (bolt center: 97mm)

ToLoad cell
1 - EXC+
2 - SIG +
3 - SIG-
4 - EXC-
5 - Shield

Power supply & Output
6 - 12~26V DC
7 - Iout
8 - Vout
9 - Common
10 - Shield

Main Application
Use to change the output mV weak signal of strain pressure transducer(such as weighing, pull pressure, torque sensor and so on) into universal standard analog signals as 4~20mA or 0~5V(10V).

0-5V(10V)/ 4-20mA Load Cell sensor Amplifier Transmitter strain gauge transducer0-5V&0-10V adjustable by switch /4 ~ 20mALoad Cell sensor Amplifier Transmitter strain gauge transducerCurrent and voltage output offer at the same time, choose through the terminal blocks.A wide range of power-supply modes



Available in USA

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