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Performance Tool M195 0-80 in/lb & 0-7 Newton-meter Beam Style Torque Wrench $22.95

Performance Tool 

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The Performance Tool M195 features a Pointed, hard spring steel beam that gives precise readings while resisting bending; Torque measurements calibrated in SAE & Metric; Deflection beam torque wrenches do not wear or fatigue over the lifetime of the tool insuring increased accuracy; 60in/lbs. Maximum Torque; 0-80 Working Torque; 0-7 Newton meters; Accurate measurements Clockwise or Counterclockwise; Corrosion Resistant; High-Contrast Dual Range Scale (Easy to read in low light); Can be used for rear differential, gunsmithing, and preload on pinion bearings where a click type torque wrench won't cut it. Also use it while tightening seat post clamp on carbon fiber bicycles or torqueing plastic intake manifolds. Use the M195 when need to measure break away torque. 1/4'' Drive Torque Beam Wrench0-80 in/lbs. clockwise or counterclockwise measurementBall type handles that localize force, better ensuring accuracyDeflection beam wrenches do not wear or fatigue over the lifetime of the tool, insuring better accuracyDirectly measure a variety of torque values when tightening fasteners



Available in USA

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