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Ancor 242725 Marine Grade Electrical Heavy Duty Tinned Copper Lugs (4/0-Gauge, Size 5/16 Screw, 10-Pack) $31.37


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MARINE GRADE LUGS are heavy duty, pre copper for maximum current flow and tinned for corrosion resistance and easy soldering. Closed end to seal out moisture. Wire size- 4/0 Screw size- 5/16 Qty- 10 10 Pack of 4/0 AWG Heavy-duty Lugs with a 5/16" Screw Size RingManufactured from 100% heavy-duty annealed tinned copper, providing for maximum current flow while resisting corrosion from salt and moistureSeamless barrel design allows for maximum strength when crimpedClosed end design seals out moisture so cables stay dry and corrosion freeUL 486A

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Available in USA

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