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Burndy AMS-4/0 Dual Rated Splicer/Reducer, AWG 4/0 - AWG 6 Wire Range, 2 Screws, 5/16 Hex, 9/16" Diameter, 1 " Width, 2-5/16" Length, 1.28" Height $8.30


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All splicer/reducers are dual rated for use with aluminum and copper conductors and are constructed from high strength, tin plated aluminum. PENTROX oxide inhibiting joint compounds are recommended for all aluminum applications. Solid center barrier. Prevents contact of dissimilar metals. Large screw diameters. Ensures greater surface contact with wires for maximum pullout force. Large cable ranges. Each splice is also an effective reducing connector. UL Listed, CSA CertifiedAll connectors are tin-platedProvide low contact resistance and prevents galvanic corrosionConnectors feature rounded bottomsFacilitates taping

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Available in USA

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