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KnuKonceptz Offset Power / Ground Input Wire Gauge Reducer 0 - 4 Gauge 1/0 Pair with Heat Shrink $12.70


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New set screw gauge reducer. Sold in Pairs, these satin nickel gauge reducers accept one 0 gauge wire and step down to a 4 gauge size stud. The 0 gauge is secured by a hardened steel Allen set screw.

Price is per Pair (2) of terminal with one red and one black heat shrink included

Sold in Pair (2) Includes red/black Heat ShrinkNEW Offset Design reduces 1/0 Gauge wire to a 4 gauge sizeNickel Silver Plated - Hardened anodized steel set screwWorks with 0 - 2 gauge power/ground wireHeat Shrink is Adhesive Lined for air tight seal



Available in USA

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