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Selterm 5 Pack 1/0 Ga. 1/2" Stud UL Heavy Duty Lugs Battery Cable Bare Copper Eyelet Lug $8.67


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Heavy Duty Battery Cable Lugs from SELTERM are manufactured using industry leading manufacturing processes to guarantee a high-quality product. Copper tubing used for producing the battery cable lugs meet ASTM B 188 electrical grade standard. The copper lugs also meet S.A.E conductivity standards and are RoHS compliant. Furthermore, the copper battery lugs are both UL and CUL listed to ensure optimal performance once installed. The Copper Eyelet Connectors are rated for up to 600 volts and tested to ANSI/UL 486 standard. Competitor part cross-reference and full technical specs. listed under 'Technical Specification'. Suitable for use with Battery Cable and Welding Cable Made From 99.9% Pure Copper Tube For Max Current FlowHeavy Duty Seamless Construction For Enhanced DurabilityClose End Pad Seals Out Moisture & Prevents Solder LeakageUL / CUL Mark Wire-Gauge And Stud-Size Stamped On PadSuitable For Crimping Or Soldering

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