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SSI Technologies MG1-5-A-9V-R Digital Pressure Gauge, 0-5 PSI, 1.0% Accuracy, 1/4" NPT Male, Black/Blue $120.00

SSI Technologies 

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Digital Pressure Gauge, 2 1/2" dial, Automatic Shutdown after 3 min, SS sensor. The Media Gauge is a multi-functional Digital gauge. Contains a media isolated piezo resistive pressure sensing element, signal conditioning, a 304 sensing port and LCD back lit display. A battery saver is incorporated to automatically shut the LCD display off after 3 minutes prolonging the batteries life. Chemical Capabilities: Any Gas or Liquid compatible with 304L stainless steel. For example: Motor Oils, Diesel, Hydraulics, Water, Nitrogen, Air. Digital Pressure Gauge 5 PSI, Bar, Mpa2 1/2" Dial With Black Protective Rubber Boot1.0% FS AccuracyBattery OperatedZero Reset & Peak Hold



Available in USA

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