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GASPRO 4FT Adjustable 0-5PSI High Pressure Propane Regulator Assembly with CSA Certified LPG Hose for QCC-1/Type-1 Tank and 1/4-inch Male Orifice Connector $15.99


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Great for: Turkey fryer, Gas cooker, Burner(1/4-inches male orifice connector)
Adjustable range is 0-5psi. Just adjust the red knob. That controls the gas flow

Product Specification
- High pressure LPG hose
-Inlet Pressure:25-250PSIG
-Outlet Pressure :0-5PSIG
-Flow Capacity :122000 BTU/Hr
-Certificate: CSA
-Length of hose:4feet/48inch
Adapts for 1/4-inches male orifice connector and QCC-1/Type-1 propane tankAdjustable 0-5PSI output regulator with 4-feet/48incn hose is used to variety of high pressure applicationsHigh-quality 100% solid brass to provide secure and sealed connection between applications and tankCSA Certified propane regulator and hose has excess flow protection and will automatically shut off. Protect you from dangerApply to turkey fryer, outdoor cooker, burner and more .(1/4-inches male orifice connector)



Available in USA

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