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Selterm 5 Pack 3/0 Gauge 3/0 AWG 5/16" Stud UL Marine Grade Ring Terminal Lugs Battery Cable Tinned Copper Eyelets $10.76


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SELTERM Marine Grade Copper Lugs are manufactured using industry leading processes to guarantee a high-quality product. The Battery Cable lugs meet S.A.E conductivity standards and are tested to UL 486 with voltage rating of up to 600 V. To ensure corrosion resistance the tin-plated lugs are salt spray tested to ASTM B 117. Made from 100% Annealed Tinned Copper for Max Current FlowCorrosion Free Ideal for Marine Automotive or Outdoor UseClose End Pad Seals Out Moisture Keeping Cables DryCan be Crimped or SolderedUL Tested & Approved

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Available in USA

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