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Lovne 40 Inch Gold Alphabet A-Z Balloon Number 0-9 Balloon Birthday Party Decorations Helium Foil Mylar Letter Balloon (40-G-5) $7.98


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Size:40 inch (35.4inch*27.6inch)
This 40 Inch gold number balloon is shipped un inflated, can be inflated with helium or air.
The balloon material is aluminum film, color uniform, foil balloon is double sided, spherical beautiful.
It is easy to keep and not easy to damage,it can be stored for years and reusable.
This gold number foil balloon is great for wedding, birthday, party, anniversary or other occasions.
You can use them to spell out a name, number, company or theme, such as HAPPY BIRTHDAY,MARRY ME WEDDING,I LOVE YOU,HAPPY NEW YEAR or any other combination words.
How to use?
There are holes on the bottom and top of the balloons for easy hanging with twine, string, or fishing line, easily hung on strings from ceilings or attached to wall with tape.
Reusable :
Self-sealing valve with included instructions for easy inflation. When the inflation is completed, please put the ball to pinch flat, the ball comes automatically sealing glue.
This foil balloon will stay floating for weeks when inflated with helium and can be re-inflated to stay float for longer.
But if this foil balloon is inflated with air, good quality of the balloon is normally not leak, but it will be deflated slowly.
It is normal for good quality aluminum foil balloon, usually it can last for several months or even half an year.

One package contain a letter or number balloon
Choking hazard - children under 8 yrs may choke or suffocate on un inflated or broken balloons.
Adult needs supervision and keep un inflated balloons away from children. This aluminum foil 5 balloon will stay floating for weeks when inflated only with helium.Shipped un inflated. You can easy to inflate using the straw(package come with a ribbon and a straw include) or an air handheld pump.Note:40 inch gold number "2"and"5", "6"and"9",letter"M"and"W"are the same design.This 5 balloon party balloon decoration can be used repeatedly,no extra knot, self-sealing valve, convenient inflation and deflation.This 5 gold number foil balloon suits for a wedding, christening, anniversary, engagement, birthday, baby shower, Halloween or Christmas event. Great for all romantic occasions.



Available in USA

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