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TEMCo Ring Terminal Lug Tinned Copper Uninsulated Gauge AWG


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Tin-plated Copper Ring Terminal. Closed end construction. When used with adhesive-lined shrink sleeve, prevents corrosion of conductor by sealing out moisture. As an OEM, we use many of the products we sell. As a result, only high quality winding materials are offered to you. If you don't like it, we'll take it back & pay the shipping! Our return policy. Ships from Stock. Most orders received in 2 to 5 days. LIFETIME WARRANTY. ALL WEATHER RATED. Ideal for Marine, Automotive or Outdoor applications.100% TIN PLATED COPPER. High Electrolytic Grade Copper Terminals outlast and outperform others.PRECISION FIT. High-tolerance dies are used in the molding process. Flared opening for easy wire insertion.CLOSED END CONSTRUCTION. When paired with TEMCo adhesive heat shrink will prevent corrosion by sealing out moistureCan be crimped (best method) or soldered. Works on solid or stranded wire. NOTE: Audio wire may not be direct fit. Recommend to use a size or two larger terminal than the gauge of the audio wire.

Available in USA

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